Data And Analytics


Modern Self-service BI and Analytics Platform. Connect, prepare and analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, all within minutes

Data Integration

Get your data analyzed, wherever it is, from over 250+ datasources. Connect to data from files, feeds, web URLs, databases, business apps, and more. Learn more about our advanced data analytics connectors.

Visual Analysis

Use our self-service data preparation and management app Zoho DataPrep seamlessly within Zoho Analytics. Get your raw data cleansed, transformed, and enriched, for easier and better analysis.

On Page SEO

Slice and dice your data, and analyze it visually using a variety of visualization tools.

Unified Business Insights

Unify business data across your organization from various functions like marketing, sales, support, finance etc. Seamlessly analyze this unified data and unearth end-to-end insights. Learn more about unified business analytics.

Collaborative Analytics

Make collaboration as a part of your data analytics. Democratize data, enable pervasive BI and analytics in your organization.

Data Storytelling

Tell engrossing stories with your data. Present/publish analytical insights in the context of familiar business workflows. Make analytics a joy!


Access, and interact with your data, reports, and dashboards from phones and tablets. Learn more about the Zoho Analytics Mobile BI apps.

Embedded BI

Offer a full-fledged white-labeled BI & analytics app under your brand name. Set up a standalone analytics portal, or embed within your app. Learn more about embedded analytics.

Security & Governance

Zoho Analytics is governed by strong Zoho Security Practices, including support for redundancy, backup, confidentiality and privacy, to help ensure your data is secure and safe.


Deploy Zoho Analytics according to your needs. Subscribe to Zoho Analytics cloud, or install it on-premise in your own servers. Or deploy it in public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google. Or use the white labeled version.

Extensibility & Elasticity

Zoho Analytics being a full-fledged, powerful and scalable analytics platform, allows developers and system integrators (SIs) to develop and deploy custom analytics apps and integrations.


Data preparation tool that helps connect, explore, transform, and enrich data for analytics, machine learning, migration, and data warehousing

Connect to multiple sources

Eliminate data silos in your organization and connect to data silos and connect to a variety of data sources including files, feeds, cloud storage, databases, warehouses and business applications.

Improve data quality

Never miss out on important data with intelligent suggestions.

Transform and enrich

Use the interactive data preparation studio to transform data without any coding.

Automate workflows

Automating mundane tasks is one of the quickest ways to reduce time in preparing data. With Zoho DataPrep, you can always schedule data preparation workflows and receive alerts.

Catalog data

Built-in data management capabilities help you classify, catalog, and govern data.

Secure data sharing

Collaborate securely with teams and provide fine-grained permissions to ensure users can only access the data intended for them.

Security and Compliance

Zoho DataPrep helps identify personal data in your dataset, ensures privacy by masking or tokenizing sensitive data, and enables you to adhere to privacy policy and data protection regulations like the GDPR. All data associated with Zoho DataPrep are always encrypted in-transit and at-rest