Enterprise Content Management

Zoho Office for SharePoint

The technology used to record, manage, store, preserve, and disseminate content and documents relevant to organizational processes is known as enterprise content management. ECM technologies and techniques enable the administration of an organization’s unstructured data, regardless of where it resides.To promote teamwork, access information quickly, and collaborate seamlessly throughout the enterprise, share and manage material, knowledge, and applications.

Zoho is primarily about working online. We have a great set of online productivity apps which businesses find extremely useful for collaboration. Microsoft SharePoint is ubiquitous in enterprises for content management, but it lacks several advantages that cloud applications like Zoho enjoy. Today we are pleased to announce Zoho Office for Microsoft SharePoint that brings the advantages of Zoho online productivity applications to ubiquitous Microsoft SharePoint. Zoho Office for Microsoft SharePoint extends the value of Microsoft SharePoint by allowing users to create new documents using Zoho’s office suite and then save them directly to SharePoint in Microsoft Office supported formats. 

This video gives a good overview of this add-on. Installation video is available here. As Zoho applications are served from the cloud, you don’t need any installations on desktops to create/view/edit documents. Once you install the add-on for SharePoint server, you can be more productive with just your browser. Users can view or edit existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show and save them back to SharePoint.

Zoho Collaboration on Microsoft SharePoint

Apart from providing editing capability for existing documents, the add-on also provides collaborative editing functionality. Based on sharing permissions already defined in SharePoint, multiple users can collaboratively work on documents/spreadsheets/presentations in real-time. This feature basically brings one of the key advantages of an online office suite to SharePoint. While collaboratively editing documents, you can also chat with other members using our integrated Zoho Chat.

Data Behind your Firewall

Along with small and medium businesses, we see a good percentage of departments in larger organizations using our productivity apps for collaboration. There are businesses which prefer keeping their data behind the enterprise firewall. For such organizations, this new add-on brings in the best of both worlds – Collaboration capabilities of an online application while keeping the data behind your firewall. If you have SharePoint installed in your intranet behind your corporate firewall, you still will be able to view/edit documents using our online applications. After changes, your documents are saved back to your SharePoint server behind your corporate firewall leaving no data on Zoho Servers. When you open the document, a copy is transferred temporarily to Zoho servers securely. When the document is closed, it is permanently deleted from our servers immediately leaving no data on our side.