Features and benefits

Modular design

The iQ10 system follows the growth and changes in your organization. Extending the system with one or more desks, replacing the LED based central display with LCD screen or integrating a new software module among the others, is not a problem anymore. Replacing the service names on the ticket dispenser or changing the information on the tickets, can be a daily routine.

Easy to Use

The simple design and the clear listing of services on the touchscreen makes the iQ10 an easy-to-use queuing system. In this way, even those who are unfamiliar with the usage of IT products, will use it confidently, without stress or embarassing feeling.


Low operation costs

The iQ10 ticket dispenser is using an economic paper roll, that allows the printing of 1300 to 2400 tickets/roll*. The software related to the queuing system, despite of the frequent practice of other companies, has a licence that allows unlimited number of users in a single location.

Main characteristics