Features and benefits

The cure for „time thieves“
Daily, there could be dozens of people who, with their repeated questions and demand for general information, will steal your staff’s precious time. Using the kiosk, the staff could spend their valuable time with real customers, ready to buy, while the kiosk will serve the visitors and those with a general interest.

No stop – No loss
While designing the kiosk, one of the important issues was safety. The robust metal housing and the optional vandal-proof keyboard, even when hardly used on a daily basis, can guarantee a long life with a proper operation. In this way, there is no stop, no empty cycle, no loss.


Faster means more
Some services required by customers can be handled quickly without the intervention of a human being. The kiosk makes the queues shorter, the administration and service faster and the number of customers served in a day higher. As a result, the income will increase and the cost to get a client will decrease radically.