Manage Engine

Manage Engine?

ManageEngine develops IT management software with the goal of making IT administrators’ tasks easier. As a network management company, we started in 1996 and haven’t stopped since then. Today, we became a division of Zoho Corporation and focused solely on IT management.

With more than 50 enterprise products, it covers all IT needs at an affordable price. ManageEngine is bringing IT together for an integrated, holistic strategy to optimizing IT, from network and device management to security and service desk software.

Managing IT together

ManageEngine has over 50 enterprise products to assist manage networks, servers, apps, desktops, mobile devices, service desks, Active Directory, and security, among other things. They’ve also developed the tools from the bottom up with contextual connectors so that their customers can manage their IT jointly as well.

Simplifying IT together

ManageEngine strives to make IT as simple as possible. No, this does not imply a lack of functionality. It entails completely functional items with everything clients require, set down simply in a user interface that will not frustrate them. Furthermore, ManageEngine’s applications are simple to download, install, configure, and deploy, with no requirement for third-party support.

ManageEngine’s product philosophy is based on customer request, and the company has put together a robust in-house R&D team to make sure that request becomes reality. In addition, ManageEngine’s software licenses are not restricted by the size of our customers’ businesses or what their futures might look like. ManageEngine’s software can be scaled to meet the needs of any organization, from small multi-nationals to small local businesses.

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