Features and benefits

Master of routines

The main task of the kiosk is to provide information which eases the staff’s work, handling most of the routine tasks. The staff could spend it’s valuable time with real customers, ready to buy, while the kiosk will serve the visitors and those with a general interest.

Ready for everything

The kiosk as an option can be equipped with printer, card reader, biometric or barcode reader, proximity sensor, webcamera and speakers. In this way your customers will not only have access to information, but will be able to make transactions or to purchase using the kiosk.

Fast Lane for your customers

Some services required by customers can be handled quickly without the intervention of a human being. The kiosk makes possible for your customers to use a „fast lane“ when requiring your services. The queues will be shorter, the administration and service faster and the number of the served customers in day will increase exponentially.