Features and benefits

Back to the basics

NanoQ features pushbuttons instead of touchscreen to select a service. The service descriptions can be simply printed and displayed next to their pushbuttons. NanoQ is using a special mainboard instead of a PC making the operation and maintenance much easier. With its simple design and slim body it can be the ideal element of every interior design.

Reports to improve business

While the operation of NanoQ is based on a very simple principle, the system is able to provide a set of basic reports and statistics. The software is web based, accessible using a web browser from any device connected to the same network. The reports will allow managers and business owners to improve their service and operation efficiency, serving more clients, increasing sales and productivity.

One body – many faces

NanoQ can be adapted and customized to fit into any environment. Pharmacies, bakeries, café’s, restaurants, sport clubs, museums, post offices, mobile shops, city councils, clinics just to name a few, can all benefit from having a professional customer service solution at a budget cost.

Main characteristics