Features and benefits

Stick to the screens

The customers become indifferent towards the commercials running on an endless loop. The ONLINET OMP / OMM system makes it possible to display, besides commercials, ticket calling and other information (e.g. exchange rates, announcements, news) on the same screens. The customers eyes will surely stick to the screens.

Targeted messages

Using the ONLINET OMP/OMM system, the commercials can be played automatically in an order that covers the actual needs of your customers. In this way, your messages, commercials will have bigger effect, creating higher sales impulses.

Central management and statistics

The creation of playlists, timings for commercials, videos or images and sending them to even multiple locations can be done from a central location. Statistics will be created about the frequency and timing of the content that was played, separately for each location. These can join the queuing system statistics, giving a clear picture of the results of a specific campaign.


Main characteristics