Features and benefits

How can we make the customers with children to stay and buy?
The PLAY children kiosk, will engage the children, so the customers service will be faster and the time spent in the shop or customer services will be more pleasant.


The main task of the kiosk is to provide information which eases the staff’s work, handling most of the routine tasks. The staff could spend it’s valuable time with real customers, ready to buy, while the kiosk will serve the visitors and those with a general interest.


The Play Kiosk program called CDSWebPlay. CDSWebPlay is an application containing games written in Javascript. The software will be installed to the Play KIOSK optimalized to the FullHD landscape display. The program starts with a home page where we can choose from 7 different games. All the games are simple but great and mostly known by everyone. Where it’s needed, a short description is available. The games are going to cheer up the time of waiting in the customer areas not only for the kids!