Features and benefits

CDS LOGIN – Access control system

The purpose of the application is to register and identify visitors. After entering the building or office, visitors, with the help of a touch screen terminal can type in their personal data, while a photo is taken of them. This information is used to create and print a badge. Simultaneously with the creation of the badge, the start of the visit will be logged. When leaving the building, the system logs the visitor out by either manually typing in the badge code or optionally scanning the barcode on the badge (if the touchscreen kiosk has a barcode reader). The number of visitors can be accurately determined on a statistics interface. Visitor history reports can be created.

Secure Browser

One of the most common use of an information kiosk is the display of a specific website (for example a company website, a virtual map, a picture gallery, etc.). Specially designed websites offer users the possibility of navigation on multiple pages, gathering the required information. While displaying a specific website with a specific content it is important to block any user attempt of navigation to a different website or closing the browser.Secure Browser™ offers the ability to control where the user navigates on the internet through the use of key words and specified URLs. Secure Browser has many security features like locking down or controlling other browsers and the ability to make itself the only allowed application. The administrator can also lock Secure Browser so none of the settings can be touched or the application exited. Secure Browser has the ability to start together with Windows and load the pre-defined website.