Strategic Goals

IT Strategic Initiatives & Goals

Adopt IT industry standards and practices while integrating IT with Digital Waves IT Solutions strategy and goals to take a strategic approach to IT planning and operations.

When developing new applications, use Software as a Service as a standard strategy if practicable, and try to transition legacy apps to SaaS if at all possible.

Choose vendor-developed and supported applications over in-house applications.

With a clear alignment between stated unit goals and the activity of IT professionals, seek alignment between projects and services and the needs of academic units.

When possible, make use of vendor resources such as co-location data centers so that all key Universal applications can be hosted in tier 3 facilities.

For all mission-critical applications, provide high-availability server and storage infrastructure and services with redundancy, failover, and load balancing.

Provide an IT infrastructure for networks, servers, and apps that would allow us to pass a security assessment of important administrative applications with a score of 4 out of 5.

High-availability data and voice networks are provided by a robust and dependable network and server infrastructure that adheres to industry standards and architecture.

Improve customer service and establish a reputation as a division that is proactive and responsive in matching IT resources.